Year 7 writing competition

19th Mar 2018



Congratulations to 25 students in year 7, who have been successful after entering a creative writing competition (Stranger Sagas). The following students have been successful: Neve , Patrick, Katie, Lucy, Emily, Harry, Joseph, Daniel, Raychel, Mia, Sadie, Sophie, Stephen, Ben, Sam, Mark, Jack, James, Amelia, Aiden, George, Eleanor, Mollie, Ben and Sancha.



Here are a couple of of the successful entries:
Running harshly, I leapt into the air across the mini-gorge. Ten evil, oversized white and black dogs followed me in pursuit. Bounding, one black dog began to catch up at inhumane speeds. It lunged forwards, catching my head in it's jaws. We stayed still for a few minutes, before I got up again and took off sprinting. This time, it didn't react nearly as fast. I felt cold ground on my feet and let out a battle cry. The ten dogs ran up and had disappointed looks... Maybe they'll beat me next time... (Neve Cunningham, age 11)


Silence filled the house, no sound was left. Bang! Blood dripped on the floor... What was happening? All of a the paintings sloped. The flickering of the light revealed a shadow behind me. I turned to run but this was my fate... looking me in the eyes. My body became motionless as I ran... "Aahhh!"
I woke up in a familiar place. I couldn't speak or move... What was happening? One word was spoken, "Answer." My eyes were closing, but why? With my last breath, my heart jumped and it did not want to return.
(Aiden, age 12 and George, age 11)


Look out for an in school writing competition coming soon!


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