Shakespeare Week

30th Apr 2018

Students create their own Globe Theatre structures



Recently, students in Years 7 & 8 were given a homework based on the Shakespeare scheme of work which they had been studying. Year 7 had been reading ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Year 8 had been reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’. One of their homework tasks was to create a model of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The following students created fantastic models which will be on display in the English Homebase for all to admire:



Wade Hillier

Joseph Horn

Jessica Moore

Joseph Stanley

Jamie Dwyer

Callum Faragher

Lewis Hoyland

Louis Kersey Brown

Bradley McDonnell

Joel Jacobs

Charlie Scully

Aaron Kelly

Jessica Gates

Jessica Hughes

Yasmin Naji

Alexander Angell

Wojciech Biesiadzinski

Dylan Churchill

Pradishkar Satishkar

Evie Appleton

Natasha McDonald

Dru Forrester

Faye McNally

Ryan Hincks

Josh Pimlett

Shae English

Aiden Byrne

Edward Schofield

Patrick Schofield

Ben Jones

Eleanor Robinson.


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