Liverpool Archdiocese Education Awards

9th Mar 2017


These took place in the Royal Liver Building on Friday 3rd March.


Following the funeral of Mr. Campbell last year the musicians and singers of St. Edmund Arrowsmith were invited by Tim Warren, the Archdiocesan Director of Schools and Colleges, to perform at the first ever Archdiocese Education Awards ceremony.


The event was a great success. Our performers enjoyed sitting at the tables with the other guests for the meal. The varied performances went well and at the end the audience which consisted mostly of award winners, headteachers and governors of other schools gave them a standing ovation at the end. The Awards were hosted by Leanne Campbell from Radio City and the students were delighted to get a photo opportunity with her at the end.


Lots of teachers and governors came up to the students are told them how good they were afterwards.


Patrick Ferguson of Hope Academy winner of the Headteacher of the Year Award said “I wish I had that level of expertise in my Music Department!” I like to think that he was referring to the evident expertise of our performers.





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