St  Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre for Learning Accessibility Plan 2017


Accessiblity Plan - Improving curriculum access






All out of school activities are planned to ensure the participation of the whole range of students.

Review all out of school provision to ensure compliance with legislation.

All out of school activities will be conducted in an inclusive environment with providers that comply with all current and future legislation requirements.


All students able to enjoy any out of school activity.

Classrooms are optimally organised to promote the participation and independence of all students.

All departments given the opportunity to contribute to the layout of open Homebase areas to support inclusion and access for all.

Lessons start on time without the need to make adjustments to accommodate the needs of individual students.


All students able to access every classroom.

All students are able to access the curriculum and to achieve their potential.

Appropriate support commissioned or directly provided to ensure that barriers to learning are overcome and all students can access the curriculum.



Improved attendance


Barriers to learning to be addressed

Attendance to meet or exceed 94.5%



Accessiblity Plan - Improving physical access







Careful co-ordination of the students during lesson change and breaks prevents difficulties for those with disabilities

Ensure safe movement for students Ensure safe movement of wheelchair users

Students can move around the school, safely and independently

Wheelchair users can move safely and independently.


Lifts – access to lifts

Provision of lifts providing access to upper floors

All buildings have lift access to upper

Anyone on site with mobility




. floors.

floors operated by swipe card system. Individual risk assessments completed.

difficulties has access to all upper floors


Noise reduction & improved accoustics

Blinds, cupboards and curtains to reduce noise and improve acoustics

Identified classrooms fitted with blinds. Departmental leaders consulted about layout in homebases


Students can access activities with as little interference as possible


Vehicles that are fully adaptable to carry wheelchairs to be purchased on replacement of vehicles. Alternatives to be provided as and when required in partnership with local schools.


Allows access to all activities for all individuals

Students with mobility difficulties participate fully in all available activities

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors at reception to enable easy access

Allows access to those with accessibility issues


Fewer access issues



Accessibility Plan – Improving the Delivery of Written Information






Ensuring accessibility for students with visual impairment and wheelchair users

Plan ahead with LSAs to ensure that materials for lessons are adapted.


Writing on the board to be accessible. Use a new pen if it runs out, avoid light colours.


Individuals to be given appropriate electronic devices to assist with their visual impairment. Accessibility controls adjusted to meet requirements.

Brail text on signage at lift and key points.


Materials in lessons available for all.


Students able to read work from the whiteboard.

Worksheets will be enlarged and in good quality print.

Raise awareness of the importance of good ommunication systems.

All LSAs to receive department handbook.


Specific information will be available to all

Staff better informed.


LSAs aware of the important role they

Raise awareness of department.


All students supported so that



     staff through secure SIMS        access.

play in the school.


All staff aware of how they can support the students with Special Educational Needs.


they can achieve their potential.