The Key Stage 3 English Curriculum aims to build on the skills developed in Key stage 2 whilst introducing a greater level of challenge: in both year 7 & 8 students will study a 19th century novel;  2 Shakespeare plays and a range of quality fiction and non-fiction extracts from spanning across different time periods. Within these units of study, students will continue to develop their retrieval, inference and analytical skills as well as write in a range of styles for different purposes. 


Students at Key Stage 4 study the AQA English Language and English Literature courses. Please follow the link below for further details.



Please see the documents below for further details of the English curriculum and an assessment overview for both KS3 and KS4.


Top Tips to encourage reading


You can spot a reluctant reader by putting a book in their hands. Five minutes later they'll be gazing out of the window, wriggling on the floor, or doing anything but reading the words on the page! 


Is your child a reluctant reader? Do you struggle to promote reading at home? If so, please read the attached advice for parents and families to help promote reading for pleasure at home. There are also a range of book list recommendations taken from The National Literacy Trust which might just help to 'hook' your child into reading at home. Don't forget, the school library is open every day, allowing your child the opportunity to loan a range of current and exciting books for 2 weeks at a time. 
There are documents below for helpful tips (14th March documents)
Parents' Guide to Literacy: Top Tips to support Literacy at home click HERE