At St. Edmund Arrowsmith our aim is to develop our students to realise their full potential. We aim to develop the students’ creativity and originality through our programmes of study in Art. By exploring Art from prehistory to the present day we believe students can better understand their place in the world and the contribution that Art makes to humanity.


Key Stage Three


All pupils at St. Edmund Arrowsmith study Art in Years 7 and 8. During this time pupils study a variety of styles developed over time. In Year 7 students are introduced to Abstract Art of the 20th and 21st Century. Through a variety of media and approaches students create work in two and three dimensions.  In Year 8 we travel back in time to show the origins of where all Art came from through Cave Art. Students then explore the development of Art across the world through different civilisations. We aim to the give the students a firm foundation for continued study at KS4 from Year 9 onwards.


Key Stage Four


Through G.C.S.E. students study Fine Art exploring a range of movements and media for personal expression. We aim to study how sources relate to individual, social, historical, environmental and cultural settings. Through their work students are encouraged to explore themes, forms, feelings and concerns that inspire them to be independent Artists.

The students create work in a variety of media in two and three dimensions. Students explore traditional methods of work as well as experimental studies. Students are encouraged to find their own means of expression through experiences in figurative representation and abstraction. A variety of drawing and painting methods are explored and students are encouraged to develop experimental work through mark-making, monoprint, collagraph, block printing, assemblage and construction.

We take the students to the Walker Art Gallery and Tate Liverpool to explore Art in the local environment and the wider world.


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