Curriculum Provision


At St Edmund Arrowsmith we offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to enable pupils to achieve academic success, build aspirations and prepare pupils for their next steps.

At St Edmund Arrowsmith School there  is a continual emphasis on tailoring the curriculum to suit individual needs, whilst at the same time being beneficial for all pupils. The curriculum is continually reviewed to ensure that it is compliant with Government guidelines.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum


In Years 7 and 8, pupils typically follow a broad and balanced curriculum. The time weighting given to the subjects is intended to support future learning demands of KS4.


On entry, pupils are split into two parallel bands. They are assigned three teaching groups, one each for the following bundles of subjects:


Literate - English, RE, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages

Numerate - Maths, Science, Computing

Kinaesthetic -Art, Drama, Music, PE, Technology


In the literate bundle of subjects, pupils have eight English lessons a fortnight, five RE lessons, four Modern Foreign Language lessons and three History/Geography lessons. Some pupils have two functional skills lessons a fortnight and two language lessons a fortnight.


In the numerate bundle, pupils have eight maths lessons a fortnight, five science lessons and one computing lesson a fortnight.


In the kinaesthetic bundle of subjects, pupils have two art lessons a fortnight, one drama lesson, two music lessons, four PE lessons and four Technology lessons a fortnight.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum


In Years 9, 10 & 11 the curriculum for each pupil is refined and personalised by allowing pupils to select 'option' subjects along with the statutory part of the curriculum.


All pupils in KS4 take the following subjects:





In addition, they take three from the following list:


Computer Science


Business Studies

Modern Foreign Languages








Product Design

Food Technology


Triple Science qualifications are also available for pupils, where appropriate.