Exam Revision Information



Remember to keep your notes tidy and up-to-date

Be aware of how much time you have before your first exam

Have you covered all the topics?



Draw up a revision timetable and stick to it

Spend the same amount of time on each subject


Time off

Take a break, relaxation between study is very important


Pre-exam Nerves

Don't cram in last minute revision

Read over your notes

Check you have all the equipment needed for your exam (pens, rubbers, pencils)

Try to eat something before your exam begins


The exam

Begin slowly. Read all the questions

Allocate your time for each question

If you can't answer one of the questions, move on. Don't get held up

Go back to check you haven't missed any questions

Ensure your name is on the paper


After the exam

Relax - there is nothing more you can do

Take a break, play sport, see a film

Focus on your next exam


Please see the documents below for revision strategies and help sheets.