Year 11: Supported Study Sessions


The following study groups will weekly commencing 15th January until 30th March from 3pm – 4pm.


On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, students should prioritise their attendance based on progress in their option subjects.  



  Subject   Content
 Monday Science Revision - Knowledge and application
 Tueday EBacc subjects Geography, History, French
Wednesday Maths Revision - PiXL / Corbett Maths clinic
 Thursday English Language and Literature skills
 Friday Option subjects RE, Sociology, PE, Art, ICT, IT



 Additional support  Day / Time  Venue
 Challenge Club - Miss Quinn  Every Tuesday 3.15 - 4.15 S06

Homework club - Miss Bellard ICT students are encouraged to attend

Daily 2.45 - 4.00 S10



 Click HERE for English revision events



Year 11 Easter Revision



Monday 2nd April


Tuesday 3rd April


Wednesday 4th April


Thursday 5th April


Friday 6th April



Maths: DBR & EMC

History: Whole Cohort






Monday 9th April


Tuesday 10th April


Wednesday 11th April


Thursday 12th April


Friday 13th April


Science: SJA


French: MED / CRI


Sociology: MBR

Science: JBO