I am pleased to inform you that the new Spring and Summer 2017 menu will begin the week after the Easter break and will run until the end of the Autumn half term. In keeping with previous menus we are not proposing to print menus out, however we can provide files (PDF or JPG) that can be uploaded on to your school website or ParentApp.
As many of you will recall I had asked if members of our back office team could come and speak to pupils at individual schools about their thoughts on School Meals. Since the start of 2017 we have visited on average one school a week to seek feedback on meals and desserts that pupils would like to see on the menu going forwards.  I would like to continue this practice going forward so would like to encourage you all to invite us in to talk about school meals with pupils in your school. We had lots of ideas from pupils (not all of them could be incorporated – particularly the chocolate fountain that was mentioned at almost every school) but we have used as many as possible including adding in Burritos and a greater selection of pizza toppings (thank you to the school councils at St Edmund Arrowsmith and All Saints respectively). Further feedback will be provided after the Easter break.
As always we also carried out full consultation with our Chef Supervisors who have provided feedback from their discussions with pupils in your school during lunchtime.  The School Meals Service has ensured that the new menu complies with all aspects of the School Food Standards along with the standards set out by the Soil Association’s Bronze Award.  As I am sure you are aware, the provision of a nutritious, high quality meal improves children’s health, behaviour and performance – your School Meals Service achieves this by using fresh, locally sourced food products that are freshly prepared and cooked in your school kitchen.
I have attached the standard menu for the secondary sector to this email which acts as the basis across all the boroughs secondary schools, I know that there are slight variations between the schools based on local preferences. This new menu will be available to download from our website from the 31stMarch 2017 and I would be grateful if you could publicise it on your school website and in your school newsletter.
As I have indicated above a healthy, nutritious school meal has been demonstrated to improve pupils’ concentration, energy levels and academic performance and I am committed to working more closely with you and your governing body to increase school meal take up for both paid and free school meal pupils. With this in mind, I would be very happy to receive suggestions from your staff, pupils, parents and governing body on how we could improve our service and encourage more children to take a healthy school meal – if you would like a representative from the School Meals Service to come and discuss meals with the pupils at your school this can be arranged.